CollabMagazine: How it all began

March 12, 2020

Back in 2018, when we moved the European Collaboration Summit to Germany, we were able to bring to life an idea we had been nurturing for a long time: to create a printed magazine which would be available during the conference, and which would feature much more than just the conference programme. In that printed edition, we wanted the conference programme to be included only by necessity; what we really wanted was people reading the magazine because of articles and interviews. The name was soon chosen: CollabMagazine!

And we had articles and interviews featuring Dan Holme, Vesa Juvonen, Mike Fitzmaurice, Tony Redmond, Zlatan Džinić, Spencer Harbar… all in that first edition.

That first edition flew off the desk in Mainz (we managed to keep only a few copies for ourselves) and we continually received enthusiastic feedback from attendees. Other conferences started doing the same, so it was clear that we had started both a tradition and a trend. The next year, in 2019, CollabMagazine featured interviews with, and articles from, world experts such as Agnes Molnar, Martina Grom, Laura Kokkarinen, Joelle Ruelle, Isabelle Van Campenhout, Christina Wheeler and Luise Freese. Luise also did the magazine cover – “The Meaning of Collaboration”. We managed to keep only a few examples of that edition for ourselves, too – the rest were all “stolen” from the desks in Wiesbaden!

In 2020, as we were starting to prepare the third edition of CollabMagazine, we realized that it was a pity to bury all the great content in printed form only. That is why we are launching as an online edition. And, while we will still be printing the magazine to accompany the European Collaboration Summit, will have a life of its own, featuring articles from the world’s best authors about Microsoft’s collaboration platform throughout the year.

Mission Statement

We will make CollabMagazine the leading online and printed publication in the Microsoft Collaboration space.

  • CollabMagazine will feature only the world’s best authors in the field.
  • CollabMagazine will feature only original content. We will never copy content from private blogs or other publications, either with or without the permission of the original author. And, while we realize that others might be doing this for SEO reasons, our path will be different: we will focus on high quality and original content.
  • Through thorough editorial procedures, we will ensure that CollabMagazine, both quality-wise and language-wise, meets the highest professional standards.
  • CollabMagazine will be a home to other bloggers, as well as audio and video podcasters.
  • CollabMagazine will be a permanent home for Lucy, the Collaboration Expert, who, until now, lived only on social media.

Welcome to the CollabMagazine! We hope you enjoy it! If you have got feedback, questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact us. If you want to write for the CollabMagazine, please contact us! We are looking forward to working with the community!

Editorial Team

Adis Jugo

Editor in Chief

Spencer Harbar


Elena Kovačević

Editor, Social Media

Collaboration means two-way communication!

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